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Training representation : Rendering Fundamentals Deep Dive - Peter Sikachev -
29 janvier 2024 -  Lyon

Rendering Fundamentals Deep Dive - Peter Sikachev - 29 janvier 2024 - Lyon

In-person training
Duration: 7 hours (1 day)
Duration:7 hours (1 day)
excluding VAT
Duration:7 hours (1 day)
excluding VAT
Duration:7 hours (1 day)
excluding VAT

Training created on 4/4/23.Last update on 10/31/23.

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Training programme

We all love the flashy side of rendering: from cutting-edge tech presented at GDC to the frontier of science presented in SIGGRAPH Tech Papers. However, we often overlook the nitty-and-gritty part of rendering: understanding the basics, like mipmapping, projection transformation, or the depth test. This Master Class from Peter, ex Rockstar and CD Projekt, will focus on the latest.

Objectives of the training

  • Revisit the core rendering concepts in-depth
  • Explore how understanding them could help you with real-life tasks.

Profile of beneficiaries

For whom
  • Graphic Programmers
  • Technical artists
  • Understanding rendering fundamentals
  • Shader language (GLSL/HLSL/whatever) experience
  • Relevant math knowledge

Training content

  • Depth pipeline and EarlyZ
  • How mipmapping works and when do we need to compute them manually
  • Perspective projection and inverse Z Practical z-fighting example in ShaderToy
  • Math for normal map generation
  • Quaternions instead of matrices and TBN
  • Particle spinning at a constant rate around an arbitrary axis
Teaching team

Peter Sikachev has been working on game graphics for over a decade. Before joining Virtuos, he had worked at Rockstar Toronto, Eidos Montreal, CD Projekt Red, and People Can Fly. Peter has contributed to such titles as Red Dead Redemption 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Cyberpunk 2077, and many others. He is also the author of multiple publications on game rendering, most notably 5 talks at SIGGRAPH and several book chapters in the GPU Pro/GPU Zen books series. Peter is currently a Rendering Lead at a newly formed Warsaw Virtuos Labs studio, assembling a new team to work on the advanced rendering technology for the best AAA titles.

Monitoring of implementation and evaluation of results
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Technical and educational resources
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Quality and satisfaction

Taux de satisfaction des apprenants et assiduité

Certification procedures

Obtaining procedure
  • Délivrance d'une attestation

Reception capacity

Between 6 and 20 trainees

Access time

2 weeks


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